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Black Falcons



The Black Falcons, the club that specializes in Cyber Security, got their start under the leadership of Chris Gaw, a programming and technology teacher, at Green Hope High School.

For more than a decade, the Black Falcons have participated in the CyberPatriots competition, sponsored by the United States Air Force. This global competition tests the skills of students in Network Security, System Administration, as well as the Windows and Unix operating systems. They compete at the local, national and global levels with other high school students. There are five formal competitions, each lasting six hours. During the competitions, the Cyber Patriots host systems that have numerous security vulnerabilities. The challenge is for the student to plug the security holes using industry best practices methodologies, and to do it faster than the other competing teams. On several occasions, the Black Falcons have placed the best in the State of North Carolina and have been ranked nationally. The Black Falcons have amassed 15+ NC State awards with the Cyber Patriots.

The Black Falcons actively recruit females who are interested in technology. Both the team president and vice president were female for 2017-18 and 2022-23. In fact, female team membership has grown and represents almost 40% of the club.

All former members of the Black Falcons have gone onto college specializing in the information technology industry. There have been some students that have earned scholarships and one student was recruited by the National Security Agency for a full ride at Georgia Tech.

The Black Falcons earliest members are now out of college and working in the IT industry. We’re proud to say they developed their interest and got their basic skills as a result of the achievements they earned as a member of the Black Falcons.

Past sponsors have made it possible for the Black Falcons to operate. We want to acknowledge Lenovo, Carolina Advance Digital, Oak Grove, IBM, SAS and our supporting parents for their generosity.  And we hope that you might consider being one of our sponsors too.

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